Dungeon Siege II   v2.2/v2.3
      Player's Summon

      The following sommon monsters were created by three mages, all with char level 57 with 256 intelligence points.
      Nature and combat mage were fully specialized, the dual-class mage with level 50 in both magic class.
      For every summon the highest available spell version (I-IV) has been choosen.
      All spell values are indicated without any influences from skill points.
      Nature Magic Summons
      Combat Magic Summons
      Experimental Dual-Magic Summon
      Dual-magic based Harpy summoned by a dual-mage level 57.
      Only in this case the summon will reach reasonable properties.
        Same Summon Harpy spell for a specialized nature mage level 57.
      Due to the lack of combat magic this sommon won't be survivable.