Dungeon Siege 2

...a game to discover!


(21'136 kb)

Contains parts of the intro and prologue sequence of Dungeon Siege 2 (DivX6b, 3m:40s, 640×384)
This is a dual-language video, primary language is german, secondary language english.

(61'446 kb)

Creative director Chris Taylor commenting DS2 gameplay (Xvid, 10m:54s, 480×360)
It's a re-encoded and smaller version of the original video version (156 MB, WMV, 640×480).
Alternatively there is also a streaming version of this video at YouTube.

(5'046 kb)

My first char with dire wolf exercising his magic - while a guy with full Lorethal-set comes along.
Well, 5mb/26s... - fat but quite high-quality (DivX6, 26s, 640×400)

(9'736 kb)

Panorama on top of a tower in the Desert of Kalrathia (Xvid, 1m:04s, 480×320)
Intended as mod improvement, idea was to increase the sight range for towers
by 2-3x since the CPU usually hasn't any combat or monster-AI load.
Dryad Woman - The Azunai Lake (unreleased).mp3 (742 kb)

A Dryad woman singing - experimental edit ;=)
DS2-Snowbrook-Soldier-2x1h-Desktop.png (1280×1024, 534 kb)

Dual-wielding Snowbrook Soldier in Action
DS2-Item-Azunai-Shield-Desktop.jpg (1280×1024, 273 kb)

Texture of the essential Quest Item
DS2-map-Eirulan.jpg (768×624, 69 kb)

Dungeon Siege 2, Eirulan City Map
DS2-map-Greilyn.jpg (960×740, 98 kb)

Dungeon Siege 2, Dryad Terretory, Greilyn Jungle
DS2-Map-1024x768-for-Dev.jpg (1024×768, 485 kb)

Dungeon Siege 2 World Map (empty)

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